We have 2 separate training rooms next to each other.

Both open 7 days a week from 6am – 9:30pm, every day of the year.


The first, the gym, is your more traditional gym area complete with cardio machines, free weights and strength machines for your classic supported workouts. Not to mention the treadmills actually come with a view of the lake!


The next room (we call the studio) is window fronted, right on the lake’s edge, which means you get to workout with a view. The studio is an open functional training space with everything you need to get creative with your training – pull up bars, free weights, kettlebells, parallel bars, exercise balls, resistance bands, a core strength exercise wheel, cable machines, benches and plenty of floor space.

MyZone Fitness Monitoring

For those who want to step it up and join the NXT Level team, you can track your workouts on screen in real time with a MyZone heart rate monitor.

Sync with your NXT team on the MyZone app where you can track other members’ workouts, like, share and comment. It’s a welcoming, friendly and supportive space – no egos found here! Don’t forget to have your nickname ready too so you can start training alongside your new teammates like The Rock, The Wolf, Son Goku, D-Man…and Jess. Jess decided to stick with what she had, and that’s ok too, we still love Jess just as much.

Join the team and see where it takes you.

Our Facilities

  • Storage space available
  • Secure key tag entry
  • Bathroom and showers
  • Private consultation room to set your goals with your coach
  • Live stream heart rate monitoring

Our Team

  • Mark
    Mark Founder & Coach

    A pure lover of strength and fitness, Mark will get you working harder, better, faster and you guessed it, stronger. Mark is always pushing his own limits, and he loves to pass this feeling on to you. Focusing on technique and building your power force, Mark is not one to be reckoned with. Don’t mistake his cheeky demeanour, Mark is focussed and driven by your goals.

  • Dennis
    Dennis Founder & Coach

    “Life is about balance.” Dennis brings this philosophy into his coaching style, focusing on functional and dynamic movements which will work your whole body. Mixing this with boxing, Dennis has a unique style that can be moulded to work on your unique goals…and not to mention his unique sense of humour which will ensure you never leave without a smile on your face.

  • Romana
    Romana Nutritionist & Coach

    Our in-house nutritionist, mixed with a side of PT, Romana is our all-rounder. Specialising in nutrition and personal training, Romana believes in a holistic approach to weight loss and knows how to get you feeling energetic and healthy!