More than just a gym. Our hub includes our gym, our kids swim school and our newest member, our cafe. 

NXT Level Fit Hub

NXT Level Fit Hub is our first love. Our gym and studio space overlooking the river, with members who have become like family. We wanted to create a welcoming space for everyone to come and train, filled with great energy and positivity…and not to mention, epic equipment.

Waves Swimschool

Next came Waves Swimschool, our venture into kids swimming lessons when trying to find a nice space for our own kids to learn. We couldn’t find a smaller pool with a friendly vibe…so using the pool near NXT Level Fit Hub, we created our own! Waves has grown and grown over the past few of years and we (and our kids) love spending time in this space. You can find more about Waves Swimschool here.

Beanfolks Kafe

Beanfolks Kafe is the newest part of our expanding Hub. Like we’ve said, we love spending time with our gym and swim school members, and we love the community vibe – so what better way to encourage a community than coffee?! So here was born, Beanfolks. So come down for a workout, then stop on your way to the car for a coffee or protein shake! Or meet some new people at your kids’ swimming lessons and get together afterward for a coffee.