Welcome to NXT Level Fit Hub, we’re so glad you found us! 

First of all, we are like a family – you won’t find any attitude or big egos here!

Our members aren’t going to look you up and down when you walk in, our trainers aren’t going to sit you down and try to sell you things, you won’t find people hogging machines just sitting on their phones or taking selfies, there’re no big groups thinking they run the place…NXT is more like your second home. Somewhere you’ll actually look forward to coming.

Here’s what you will find at NXT:

– Our trainers will remember your name and genuinely be happy to see you

– Our members are friendly, motivating and everyone just wants you to do your best. And in return, they only expect the same back from you

– The gym itself is an awesome, natural light-filled space with everything you need

– We cap our membership numbers so it will never be overcrowded, even at the peak times before and after work! No more getting to the gym only to finish half your workout

Everyone is welcome, no matter your fitness, skill, age or level

You’ll probably actually enjoy it and look forward to coming!

Now before this starts sounding too much like a sales pitch (we promise it’s not, we just genuinely love our gym and our members!), why not give us a call and organise a time to pop in for a session to see what it’s all about, we would love to meet you!