It’s simple. You set your goals, our coaches help you get there. Make a commitment to yourself and discover what you’re really made of.

Everyone does Personal Training for their own reasons. Personal Training for weight loss, to build muscle, for new workout ideas, to keep accountable or for overall health. You will have different goals to the next person, and probably your own ways of achieving them. We get it.

We would say that we put the ‘Personal’ in Personal Training, but well, that’s just too cliché, even for us! What we will say is that Personal Training is our speciality.

Personal Training at NXT Level Fit Hub is a process starting with a comprehensive consultation. We first assess where you are at, we learn where you want to be – and we work out how we are going to get you there.

We don’t have a standard approach to our consultations. Each consultation is totally customised for every individual as you all have different goals. For some, a consultation will involve a weigh-in, measurements and nutrition assessment. For others, it may involve a technique and range of movement assessment in the gym. We welcome absolutely anyone, no matter your level, your age or your goals.

Personal Training Prices

30 min | $44

45 min | $66

60 min | $88

We would love to chat with you about your goals, whatever they may be! Check out our Contact Us page for all the different ways you can get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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