Absolutely everyone is welcome. Never think you’re too old, too unfit, too anything! Don’t underestimate yourself – we sure won’t.

Classes are open to everyone, whether you’re a NXT member or not. You can even grab our Intro Offer to get started!

What you need to bring:

  • Water
  • Towel if you get sweaty
  • Yourself! No need to book, just rock up 5 minutes before the class start time.

Class timetable:

BURN – Tuesdays 7.30pm

XPLODE – Thursdays 7pm

BOXING – Wednesdays 7.30pm

NXT ROUND FITNESS – Saturdays 8am


NXT Round Fitness

Train like a boxer. With stations to get your heart rate up, your sweat on and your inner fighter out. This class focusses on pad work, bag work and cardio. Open to absolutely everyone, if you’re more advanced, expect to be pushed, or for absolute beginners (even if you’ve never touched a pair of boxing gloves in your life), we’ve got your back.



An absolute sweat inducing circuit that will add fuel to your weekly workout fire. Focusing on strength and explosive plyometric movements, our circuits are ever changing, always keeping your body guessing. Open for all levels. Step it up or get it done at your own pace, depending on where you are at, but don’t worry, we’ll be there with you to make sure you’re pushing hard enough!

NXT Level Fit Hub X-Plode Class


Gloves on, ready to go. Boxing at NXT is a non-stop, sweat-inducing session using bags, 1:1 boxing pads and more. Work on your speed and accuracy if you’re more advanced, or if you’re there just to have fun, that’s ok too! This class is for everyone, but no matter your level, we guarantee you’ll walk away feeling energised!

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